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Halloween Cross Stitch Samplers

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If you want some harmless ghosts, witches and ghouls to hide in the corners of your house, do not miss our new Halloween cross stitch pattens! Our embrodery designs vary from slightly to cute ones.Halloween scarecrow pattern

1. Will you have this cute scarecrow to guard your pumpkin? Don't be afraid of him, he will serve you good! You can choose the color combination to match your taste better. This Halloween cross stitch pattern by Alisa Okneas shows off the stylish side of a scarecrow's outfit.

2. If you are looking for small Halloween cross stitch samplers, this set is right for you! 15 little monsters for any need! This embroidery project will be adorable on napkins, on the front door or on a trick or treat bag. You can buy all of them or just pick the ones you like most separately.

witch cross stitch

3. How do you feel about sharing your pumpkin with two funny Mickey Mouses? They are so cute, that I would not mind. This funny cross stitch pattern by Varvara Lesnaya is funny and bright. Embroider a wonderful centerpiece with this easy project.

4. Varvara Lesnaya, our amazing cross stitch designer, is known for her beautiful and haunting witches. Her 2 emboridery patterns for Halloween are perfect with subtle grey and bright orange colors. These witch patterns are great for beginners due to the easy to follow directions. While the cross stitch project can be finished by Halloween, you can leave it up all year long.