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Cross Stitch Rose Flowers

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Rose is a beautiful flower,
Having a lot of fragrance
Growing among the deadly thorns,
It has never lost its beauty.”

Picturing a rose is popular not only among artists and poets, crafters also enjoy creating all kinds of rose flower cross stitch patterns.

1. Nobody doubts, the rose is a symbol of love and romance. No wonder, that it is often seen on the wedding postcards and decorations. Here is a stylish wedding sampler with modern roses designs. The design has something from minimalist art and can be easily realized by a beginner.

2. Talking more about love, here is another cross stitch pattern with roses and alarm-clock. The best way to make a special gift to your friend is to embroider this romantic embroidery design.

3. If you don’t like contrast and bright designs, stop by at these vintage roses cross stitch pdf chart. These flowers would look gorgeous on a cushion or a tote bag. You won’t make a mistake if you choose a black background either.

4. The symbol of accepting love without judgement is a magic rose flower under a cap cross stitch pattern. It reminds about the well-known story about Beauty and the Beast. You can easily the names and the date of the wedding to make a love sampler out of it.


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