About us

 "Hi, I am Olga. I love crafts, DIY and Internet projects. The idea of SmartCrosstitch grew out of a love for crafts and helping people worldwide. Internet gives endless opportunities to meet wonderful people from the different parts of the world. So Barbara and I took a chance in 2016 by offering our embroidery designs in our Etsy shop. A year after, we realized that we need our own on-line paltform to express ourselves freely and move further."





 "Hi, I am Barbara. I hold a special love for cross-stitch and IT technologies. Having cross stitched from my childhood, I started designing cross stitch patterns a couple of years ago, creating the designs that inspired me and my friends. I love thinking, optimizing and fixing. My role with Stitch People is the creaton of cross stitch designs. Now over 100 embroidery designs have been created and stitched by crafters all over the world. Let's stitch together."




We thank our partners who help us to develop our cross stitch project.